General Questions

1Do you offer brand new machines with Awesome Wheel Attachment Plate installed?
Yes - We do offer brand new machines with Awesome Wheel Attachment installed. Just contact us at info@walkbehindtrimmer.info for details
2How do I purchase brand new machine with Awesome Wheel Attachment Installed?
There are several ways to do this.
1. You purchase the machine from retailers and have the machine ship to us.
We install Awesome Wheel Attachment Plate on the machine and ship the whole thing to you.
You have to pay for the shipping.
2. You can send us payment of the machine of your choice, we purchase it then install Awesome Wheel Attachment Plate and ship the machine to you.
3. You can purchase Awesome Attachment Plate and install it on your machine by yourself.
3Do you offer Attachment Plate which thicker than 3/16" ?
Yes, just tell us the thickness you would like to have. We offer up to 3/4" thick. Just contact us for details & price & shipping cost.
4Beside Alunimun Attachment Plate, do you have other materials?
Yes we offer Stainless Steel or Steel or Plexiglass - Contact us for details
5Do you offer Return?
Yes, 14 days from the days you receive the product, as long as the product is not damage and in good condition as when you received it. Contact us to request RMA for your return. You are paying for the shipping return. We then issue refund after we received the RMA from and shipping cost from you.