If you like the AWAP, we like to introduce our other products which we invented and people are loving them.
Anglers, don’t go fishing without Tasun ‘The ultimate fishing lure retriever’. Simply the best and works every time.

Get your favorite lures out and use it, don’t just hide it because you don’t want to lose them because of snag.
Search google and see how Tasun is leading the fishing lure retriever competition. Slick designed. See it in action, to see is to believe.
Weight approx 7 oz , Tasun use the sang line as its track, there is no limit of how close or far away the snag is. T
asun will get there and retrieve your snagged lures.
You can repeatedly penetrating by pulling back Tasun and let go again, and again in case your lure is bite so hard that from the first impact did not loosen it.

Free for all Awesome interactive guitar lessons, on line or stand alone can be used on any devices with a USB port. Check it out and see for yourself.

CNC art gallery, Laser and router engrave on wood, acrylic, ceramic titles, canvas, and painted metals.