Transforms it into a three-wheeler.

Do you know that the Troy Bilt, Airens, Snapper, and Field Edge have the same body and frame and spindle component?
Yes they are, just difference body, plastic guard protectors colors, and the inside parts, components are almost the same.
I am talking about a brand new ones.

People replace original parts, components on the trimmer when they repair the trimmer.
For example: 
They replace the motor with a stronger one, as long as it fitted as it mounted. It will work.
We know this because we work on them. They are great machine and powerful.

The only problem the walk-behind trimmers have is: It is too hard to control and maneuver, because it rides on the back two-wheels and you have to constantly push down on the handlebar to raise the spin-cup up above the ground to be able to move this machine.

Not only the three brands above that we’re talking about, we’re talking about all of the brands/models.
So far we worked on 21 brands and many models. There are a few more out there we did not get our hands on them yet.

transform any walk behind trimmer in to a three wheeler by install the AWAP

Notice on left photo. I have to push down on the handlebar constantly to be able to move.
Right photo, see how the trimmer seated on three-wheels, flat on the ground.
Spin-cup is 1/2″ above the ground.

Owners of the walk-behind trimmers are disappointed and frustrated.

As they are not able to use the trimmer for a long period of time. They wish there is a way to modify their trimmers like the lawnmowers on four-wheels, but somehow there is none yet. Ask them, they tell you how it is with the trimmer.

We have great news for you guys.

Introducing: the AWAP

AWAP is an aluminum plate equipped with a 5″ caster swivel wheel. It can be installed to aaany walk-behind trimmers, regardless of what brands/ models of the trimmers. AWAP fit them all.

The benefits of the AWAP:
. You don’t have to push down on the handlebar any more.
. The spin-cup is 1/2″ above the ground, less damage from pouding to the ground.
. You can trim much faster, evenly height which you can’t do before.
. Make 360-degree turn with one hand no problem.
. Less pains on your body.
. Try a 360-degree on your trimmer without the AWAP and see.



Ariens transformed in to a three wheelr by install the AWAP
Engine Displacement (cc) 149 ccHandle Bar Positions 6
Fuel Tank Capacity (gallons) .3Oil Type SAE 10W – 30W
Assembled Height 41"Line Diameter .157
Assembled depth 24"Cutting Width 22"
Assembled Height 55"Fuel Type Gas
Engine Type 4 Cycles Product Weight 90 lbs
FeaturesAdjustable, Foldable Handel Bar Engine Start Coil Start
Fuel Tank Capacity (gallons) 0.3 Oil Type SAE 10W – 30W
Max. Cutting Height 3.5"Minimum Cutting Height 1.5"
Manufacturer Warranty 3 Years Limited
Engine Brand Kohler