Transformed my toy into a Three-Wheeler.

We Is there a way to make modification so this machine will be easier to control and maneuver, it is unbelievable to spent this kind of money on a machine that you are not able to use, because it is so hard to control it as it only rides on the back two-wheels.

I only last less than 30 minutes and have to shut the trimmer down, beaus I was tired and felt pains. I wonder how come the lawnmowers are on four-wheels, but why not the walk-behind trimmers? This does not make any sense at all.

As heavy as it is, you have to constantly push down the handlebar, and hold down during the time you’re trimmer, this is very poor designed.
You have to pushing down on the handlebar to raise the spin-cup up above the ground and this is the only way the trimmer can move.

Believe it or not. Yes it’s true. How dumb?

Try to move the trimmer with the power off and see, imagine the power is on while you are trimming. With the weight of the machine, rough ground, vibration… You are struggling and trying to balance it. Hardly seen women on these kind of machine. We have great news for you.

transform any walk behind trimmer in to a three wheeler by install the AWAP

The left photo, the handlebar have to be pshued down at all time.
On the right photo, see how the trimmer seated on the three-wheels. Flat on the ground.

Introducing the AWAP

What is the AWAP and what does it do?

AWAP is an Aluminum plate, equipped with a 5″ caster swivel wheel. It can be installed on any walk-behind trimmers, regardless of what brands/modes of the trimmers. AWAP fit them all. It takes less than 10 minutes and with two 7/16″ wrenches to install.

You are going to love your trimmer like you never did before. Thanks to the AWAP 

Don’t disappoint yourself like those owners
Operating this machine without the AWAP

Yard Machines transformed in to a three wheelr by install the AWAP
Assembled depth55"Wheel Size14"
Assembled Length24"Cutting Width22"
Assembled Height 41"Line Diameter .155
Engine Displacement (cc)159 ccHandle Bar Positions 3
Engine Brand OEMFuel Type Gas
Engine Type 4 Cycles Product Weight 70 lbs
FeaturesAdjustable, Foldable Handel BarEngine Start Coil Start
Fuel Tank Capacity (gallons)0.25 Oil Type SAE 10W – 30W
Max. Cutting Height 4.375"Manufacturer
3 Years Limited