Learn to repair & maintenance your trimmer

We are going to open each trimmer, we have 21 of them to show you. Made videos showing the inside and outside parts, componenets.
See te difference between them, find out which one easy and complex to repair. See how the parts and the components connect to each other and how it work.

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The reason we did all these, because we need to know how to mount our product to all of these machines, regardless of thier brands/models.
Now you get the picture who we are. Our product transforms any walk-behind trimmers into a three wheeler. Takes less than 100 minutes with two 7/16″ wrenches to install.

Introducing: the AWAP

AWAP is an Aluminum plate, equipped with a 5″ caster swivel wheel. It can be installed on any walk-behind trimmers regardless of thier brands/models.
The AWAP fits them all.

The benefits of the AWAP
. You can trim evenly height, becuase you do not have to push down on the handlebar anymore. So the spin-cup is not at an angle. Therefore you can get even cut.
. Get the job done much quicker and way less pains on your body.
. Making a 360-degree turn by one hand if you wish, no problem at all.

Try to do a 360-degree turn on your trimmer and see, oh one hand only.