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We are going to learn how to Repair & Maintain walk behind string trimmer machines.
* Find out the Pros & Cons of these machines.
* How each of these machines perform, their cost.
* Which ones are easy and simple to work on.
There are 16 brands/manufacturers producing these type of machines - their brands are listed below.
Ariens, Husqvarna, Craftsman, Echo Bear, DR Trimmer, Cub Cadet, Field Edge, Southland, Sarlo, Dirty Hand Tool, Remington, Poulan Pro, Grillo HWT550, Generac, Swisher, Cobra, Hyundai.--- There are a few more machine brands which we are trying to get.
Some brands have many different models besides the standard model, they also have electric starters, and are self-propelled.
Just remember the more features & parts the machine has, the more it cost to repair and maintain, also take longer time and perhaps more complicated.
The standard, most popular machines are the one that have a coil, which you have to pull to start the engine.
To operate these standard machines, you have to push down on the handle to raise the spin-cup up above the ground, and you have to constantly balance the machine on its two back wheels while trimming.
In case of the self propelled machine, you still have to push down on the handle bar to raise the spin-cup up above the ground.
We would like to introduce to you the amazing attachment plate with a 5" caster swivel wheel can be installed on all walk behind string trimmer machines.
Awesome Wheel Attachment Plate resolves all the issues described above.
Without the Awesome Wheel, after a short time, you just don't want to trim any longer.
Awesome Wheel is so easy, it allows you to cut much faster and evenly. Get more work done .
See how low and even it cuts with Awesome Wheel Attachment Plate installed.
Much less pain on your body while trimming.
Landscape companies are so pleased with our Awesome Wheel, because it saves them a lot of time, money, and they get more work done than ever before.
Awesome Wheel Attachment Plate Resolves all the issues described above.
US Patent filed in June - 22nd - 2017 Pending status.

Walk Behind String Trimmers Attachment